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Coronavirus: 5 reasons why you should trust Mideast Travel

The coronavirus outbreak all over the world has made travelers wonder whether they should travel or not. As your trusted travel partner, at Mideast Travel we take this opportunity to offer you 5 reasons why you should stay calm, skip the drama and leave your trips in our hands.

We Care

We Care is our motto. We always go the extra mile for you, boasting for the most customer-centric philosophy in the Greek travel market.

Safety above all

You can feel safe! Our travel experts, the Mideast people, will go above and beyond to find the best possible solution for you, whether you wish to change your itinerary or even cancel your organized trip.

36 years of experience

We have been organizing your trips for over 36 years. This means that we have the know-how to handle difficult and complex situations.

The power of negotiation

Our strategic alliances and ongoing relations with travel suppliers offer us the power to negotiate on behalf of you.

The importance of the human factor

We are above all humans. We are by your side every step of the way, whether it comes to taking care of your travel insurance, offering you guidance and assistance, or simply a smile.


For more information and further assistance, call us at +30 211 211 8888 or send us an email at mideast@mideast.gr.

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