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Mideast Travel Worldwide

Sassoon Holdings Group LLC has appointed Mideast Travel Worldwide

Sassoon Holdings Group LLC has appointed Mideast Travel Worldwide

We are very glad to inform you that Sassoon Holdings Group LLC, a Washington DC based multi-strategy private equity firm, has appointed Mideast Travel Worldwide as their official Event planner and organizer for all their upcoming Events, Conferences and Trade Shows in Greece, and Europe.


Sassoon Holdings Group, through its subsidiary Sassoon Asset Management, is investing in the sectors of technology (with focus on Fintech), financial services, hospitality, media, and commercial real estate in Greece. Recently, Sassoon Holdings Group announced the launch of its MASS 3D Printing flagship studio in Athens, with a second location planned in Thessaloniki for 2021.

Sassoon Holdings Group has also announced that it is hosting the Torch of Innovation Forum, in Athens, Greece in October 2021, which will include tech entrepreneurs and startups as well as tech giants from the United States, Israel, Cyprus, and Greece. Industry leaders, private and institutional investors, and senior government ministerial officials from all four countries will be participating as well. The event has already attracted the support of some of the most influential, innovative thinkers in Hollywood from the film industry.

“The Torch of Innovation Forum will be an opportunity for us to showcase some of Greece’s hidden and underrecognized talents. Greek entrepreneurs have made their mark on the global tech markets for decades, but most of those giants, like Mike Lazaridis found their success stories overseas. This ‘brain drain’, and the assault on the country’s intellectual capital has not been replenished. By launching this forum in Greece, we are bringing opportunity, know-how, and tech industry best practices along with financial ingenuity directly to young Greek entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. The aim is to refocus and re-energize Greece’s entrepreneurial spirit to thrive at home,” says David E. Sassoon, CEO of Sassoon Holdings Group, and Chairman of Sassoon Asset Management.

We have been chosen to help Sassoon Holdings launch its annual and quarterly events in Greece and throughout Europe. The planned events are an intrinsic part of the company’s implementation of its “equitable investment” business model.

“We are delighted to be working with the MICE Department of Mideast Travel Worldwide on this project. We have found their professionalism, expertise, and experience to be exceptional and that they are committed to going above and beyond the call of duty at every turn. All of these attributes make MIDEAST Travel an invaluable joint venture partner for all of our future events. We are excited, and proud to team up with such an amazing, award-winning company,” says, Chesa Keane, Managing Director for Sassoon Holdings.


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